On this earth, there are various types of breeds of dogs originated in various places among them the West Highland White Terrier is primarily something different in their entire physical shape & size. Having inherited with the distinctive white fluffy coat, this breed has descended from the Scotland breed of dog. The Highland White Terrier is known as also Poltalloch Terrier, Roseneath Terrier, and White Roseneath Terrier.

The entire life span of this breed is 5-12 years. This type of canine is looking in small size, which maximum weight is 6.8-9.1kg and the maximum height is 25-28cm. This breed of canine is a very popular in the UK due to the double wining at crufts competition. The Highland White Terrier is known as Westie too, and it was bred by the homeowners to hunt the rodents, that were hanging around here and there in various farms.