The Weimaraner is enormous size with the potential physical shape that is considered to be a complete gun dog, which one bred in the earliest era; in the attempt of the hunting the big animals such as bear, deer, and boar primarily. In latter age exactly in the 19th century, it was utilized for hunting the small animals such as rabbit, fowl and foxes respectively. This Germanic breed of canine is universally recognized as the multipurpose game dog which originated in German exactly. This breed of canine is primarily looking like athletic whose has inherited with the docked tail.

Having inherited with the short coat and unusual eyes, this breed seems like a distinctive regal appearance. Having touched with your bare hand on its body, it feels like smooth & hard coat along with extremely low maintenance. Being inherited with the short coat wherein the thin fur has. All Weimaraners have inherited with the maximum heath of 57-70 cm at the withers. It has a gigantic muscular body which maximum weight is 25-40 kg approximately. Weimaraner has investigated out by the animal expert practically wherein they have got the maximum life span of this Germanic breed 10-12 years. This Germanic breed has a variety of colors such as silver, silver-gray and mouse-gray.