Inheriting with the potential physical shape & size the Tibetan Mastiff has included in the large breed of dog, whose has the extreme power to save the sheep from the attack of the wolves, leopard, bears, and tigers, etc. It was originated along with the Nomadic cultures in India, Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal. This dog is known universally nomad dog too. However in the zone of Tibet, this breed of dog is loosed at night to guard the entire home, sheep, village, monasteries, palaces, and flocks, etc.

The Tibetan Mastiff has divided into two categories such as Do-Khyi and the Tsang-khyi but almost of them entirely included in the same breed of large size dog. Having inherited with the instinctive behaviors this breed has the potential physical strength to bear in the harsh environment. It has double coated that seems in long size and males can reach up to the height of 83cm and their maximum body weight is 45-72kg. The female Tibetan Mastiffs are found in the height of 61-71cm respectively. These breeds of dog live till to 12-15 years.