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In the record of the earliest history, the Shetland Sheep dog is a breed of herding dog which one known as Sheltie too. It was originated in Scotland and the original name has included in the controversy, although it is known as Shetland Collie too. It has a long double coat and inheriting with several temperaments such as intelligent, energetic, and work hard to please its master or owner. In this current era, this breed of canine raised as a farm dog as well as the home pet.

It is classified as in the small breed of dog, and the maximum height is 33-41cm. Its average life span is 12-13 years. The Shetland Sheep dog has several colors, that are as sable, tri-colored, bi-blue, blue merle, etc. It has inherited with the different temperaments such as affectionate, playful, loyal, intelligent, trainable, active and many more.