The Shar Pei is a specific breed that was originated in China that is why it is known too as Chinese Shar Pei all throughout the world. This Chinese breed is entirely inherited with the wrinkled face & body along with blue-black tongue. The term Shar Pei most probably has derived from the British spelling Cantonese which signified the sand skin. The Sand skin means texture of short & rough coat actually. It was bred to hunt, guard, herd and later fight with other canines. It has the great capability to be the most beloved companion to its master/family.

The Shar Pei has inherited with the solid mass body which weight is 18-29 kg approximately. The entire folds skin looked like he/she is wearing a bulky suit. This breed has triangular shaped ears having inherited with thick round tail that curled slightly over its back. In measuring out till the shoulder of this Chinese breed, which has found the maximum height of 1f to 6/8 inches. This specific canine breed has included in as the working dog. The average life span of all Shar Pei dogs is 8-12 years what the ultimate investigation has found upon this breed by animal experts. It has several colorful coats such as red, red fawn, sables, cream, blue, brown, chocolate, etc.