The Saluki is such a Persian breed, which has a deep chest along with long legged. This is the canine, which was bred in Fertile Crescent in the attempt of the hunting by sight and it is known as a sight hound too. It has both qualities to kill or retrieve anything after once it seen. In the earliest period, the Nomadic tribes bred it in the attempt of hunting the hare, fox, jackal, and gazelle. The term of "Saluki" has derived from the ancient Somerian word "Salu-ki", this means plunge-earth, but it was first got the evidence in the written form of Arabic poetry and most probably derived from the Arabic word "Saluqiyyah". The term of Saluki still in the dispute wherein has not got the distinct evidence of word due to the puzzling investigation.

Having inherited with the long legged this Arabic breed is so courageous in the fast running to kill or retrieve anything which is instructed by its master. The belly is entirely stuck in, and it head seems like to be long & narrow. It has inherited with large eyes having with drop ears. The Saluki has long hair to its tail and legs. It has various coat colors such as fawn, cream, white, red, grizzle, black, etc. The normal physical size of this breed is 23-28 inches in height, and the weight is 18-27 kg respectively.