The Saint Bernard is such a giant breed of dog which popularity has been scattered across the world for having inherited with the enormous size of the body which weights near about up to 167 kg and it had been utilizing during the earliest era in Switzerland in the attempt of the searching as well as saving the Hospice saint Bernard, lost travelers by this giant breed. The St. Bernard dog has several surnames such as Alpine Mountain Dog or Alpine Cattle dog which one was bred by the French farmers, Dairymen as their farmer dog.

It was originated in Switzerland, Italy, and France. The St. Bernard breed is having found in giant size which was utilized primarily for the several most essential activities as the working dog such as herding dogs, livestock guardians, watch canine, hunting dogs, search & rescue dog, etc. Having included in the enormous body size, its average height is 70-90 cm approximately. The entire coat shading is red shade along with white, but it has both rough and smooth coats that are dense to the profuse around the neck in seeming whenever someone would make a keen glance upon it obviously. It has a heavy rump that is almost hanging downward. Due to the fastest health growing categorized, the St Bernard suffers from the deterioration of bones, and that is why it required the appropriate exercise and food on the regular basis. Almost of the St Bernard breeds are found genetically affected from hip dysplasia/elbow dysplasia, Osteosarcoma, eye disorders such as entropion, ectropion, epilepsy, heart disease, etc.