Canines have in several breeds if it is classified by their size, color, temperament and this pet animal regarded as the best friend of all human beings and the Rottweiler is such a breed which is known as the best domestic dog that was utilized to herd the livestock and to pull the carts that are laden with the butchered meat to the marketplace in German in the earliest period.

Its origination is in Germany and at present the Rottweiler is extensively utilized for the several objectivities such as search & rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind people, and many more purposes. It is found medium to large in size and this Germanic breed of dogs are found in black, tan, mahogany colors especially. Almost of the Rottweiler dogs life span is 8-10 years.

Rottweiler Height & weight are as 61-69cm/50-60kg of all male dogs and the females are found 56-63cm/35-48kg according to the investigated proper report.