The Rhodesian ridgeback is such an African breed of canine which one developed in Rhodesia and at present this place is known as Zimbabwe. The European ancestors could be traced the earliest pioneers of the Cape Colony of Southern Africa, who passed their canines with the semi domesticated along with ridged hunting dogs which related to the breed of Khoikhoi. This African breed was known in the earliest period as van Rooyens lion dog, African lion dog or African lion hound.

It has inherited with so potential physical shape whose has the huge capability to keep a lion at bay till its master arriving to kill any animal. This breed is totally heterozygous of pure breed offspring which has not inherited the copy of the ridge mutation from either parental or maternal. This is completely a hunting dog that was utilized in the attempt of the versatile hunter and home guardian. It is smart and sometime stubborn having inherited with the easy coat.

The Rhodesian ridgeback has inherited with the distinguishing feature upon its entire coat wherein the ridge of furs is running back to the opposite direction along its back. Its tail is long and directing to the downward to the ground most of the time. It has dark eyes along with a brown nose. In comparing the physical measurement all ridgebacks which have inherited the maximum height of 24-27 inches approximately what has found after the practical investigation by the animal experts. The body weight has found from 32-36 kg of all ridgebacks comparatively. Its furs are found in several colors such as red wheaten, light wheaten along with inheriting the excessive hairs to belly.