The Rampur Greyhound is such a breed which found in the native of India in the northern zone, especially in Delhi. It is the largest member of the sighthound breed. It has inherited a potential physical shape which one utilized by the former Maharaja to hunt lions, leopards, tigers, etc. It is extensively courageous canine, whose has the substantial capability to take down the golden jackal. Having formed with the deep chest, which have not extended so much across to the shoulders whose has the 9-inches long jaws with huge strength capability to bite anyone. It has long arched neck having inherited with long tail slightly curving upwards in seeming.

All males and females have found in the maximum height of 55-75 cm approximately. It has a broader head along with a flat skull. This Indian breed has a pointed nose. They have found in the maximum weight of 27-30 kg actually. This specific breed of canine inherited a large foot such as webbing. The various colors included in this breed that are as black, mouse-gray, grizzle, brindle, etc. It loves the companionship of human being but sometime it could be more active when it is required though most of the time it seems lazy.