The Rajapalayam is such a dog which term related with the town of Rajapalayam in Virudhunagar district which situated in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. This breed of canine has included in the Indian sighthound, and it was utilized to hunt the boars and other small prey. Having inherited with the large size of the body, it intimidates the intruders, that are endeavoring to enter in your property in the attempt of the robbery or loot. It was the great companion to the aristocratic and royalty families, and it has the great capability to guard the belongings in the absence of its master.

Being a large dog, The Rajapalayam has been measuring out by the animal experts in the height of 65-75 cm approximately. It has heavier bone than other sighthounds. The structure of the whole face of this breed is something different from other dogs, which has inherited with surprisingly pure white, pink nose along with golden eyes. Its rump is slightly curled in seeming if it has ever been noticed by someone. It has the short coat with fine whitish fur to its entire body. The Rajapalayam canines specially suffered from mange which is not an intensive issue considerably if it is detected by the veterinary expert in the attempt of the proper treatment. Though this sighthound dog is in large size, it could be altered; its temperament with a little effort by providing training to it so that it could turn into scent dog too.