The Pomeranian is a small size breed of dog and including in the Spitz type, and it has named due to the related term of the native land, wherein it had originated as it has historically renowned all throughout the world. The Pomeranian actually originated in Pomerania region in Germany and Poland. This small breed of dog has descended from the larger German spitz which specially seems in white wholly having inherited with the thick, long and thick fur to its entire body.

Having included in the small size, this type of breed has pointed ears and muzzles along with curled tail often back up on its droops. It has the common health issues such as luxating patella and tracheal collapse. This breed got its ultimate popularity since 18th century. It has several colors such as black, white, tan, brown, orange, etc. The life span of such breed of canine is 12-16 years comparatively. The maximum height of all adult canines is 20cm, and the physical weight is 1.9-3.5 kg. This breed can be in small size, but it is fully energetic, which required the regular short walk around the enclosed space obviously. The Pomeranian has several temperaments such as intelligent, playful, sociable, extroverted, etc.