American Pit Bull Terriers

The American Pit Bull Terriers are one of the canines breeds whose early ancestors were come from the British Isles, and it had entirely compared with the British Bull Terrier, which was commonly known as the pit bull. Its entire body has formed with the smooth muscle along with having inherited almond shaped round eyes. It has originated in UK and USA, and it is medium sized in shape.

Pit Bull Terrier is such a specific dog which inherited with some special characteristics which one known as the intelligent, short haired canine all throughout the world. It is known as the affectionate, obedient, loyal, courageous, and strong willed in temperament. Having got this breed as the most popular canine globally, it is being found in different colors such as fawn, red, blue, black, white, etc. The adult males are being found from 16-30kg as their average body weight approximately and females are being found in 14-27kg.

Its maximum height after being completely an adult is 50cm. The morphological variation has brought difficulty to identify exactly after once visualizing them which are including with a square shaped head along with the bulky body. In the earliest era this medium giant breed was utilized in the attempt of participating in the blood sport to fight against the bear or other bulls but in latter on such bloodiest sports were eliminated by animal welfare laws. It has a spontaneous instinct regarding on the violence reactions between the humans and canines, and that is why it is highly essential to adopt it with keen precautions by all pet lovers whenever they prefer to tame them as their best companionship or guard dog at their residence. It has the average lifespan of 8-15 years approximately in considering with other breeds of dogs.