The Pekingese is such a breed of dogs which is included in the classification of Mini dog and it is originated in china actually. The Pekingese is also known as the Lion dog or Peking dog too. It is the earliest breed of toy dog. The name of Lion dog is derived from the ancient Chinese guardian lions. This type of breed was favored by the royalty in China imperial court and it is known also as the lap and companion dog.

It greets you with dignity and pride. The Pekingese is inherited with the several temperaments such as stubborn and very intelligent. It does not like to respond the harsh training and it can compel them to bite anyone. It has a short physical shape along with mane inheriting to the entire front area of the head. The maximum body weight of all adult breed is 2.5-5.5kg. They were the best companion of the Buddhist monks in China.