According to the animal expert there are four categories in all breeds of dogs wherein Newfoundland is included in the giant category due to its specific physical shape & size. It is large in size and recognized as the working dog and however it had originated in Canada and they were bred and utilized by the fisherman due to its tremendous physical strength, intelligence, loyalty, etc. Having inherited with strong muscular build, webbed feet, thick double coat and innate swimming abilities the Newfoundland breed is utilized for the activity of lifesaving/rescue.

There are different colors in fur found of such breed as those are black, white, gray, brown, etc. The Newfoundland is such a giant breed whose maximum body weight is 65-80 kg. This giant breed of canine inherited with the docile and calm along with potential physical strength. It has a deep bark along with the easy contingency of train up it during its young period. It has two genetic problems regarding on their health issues such as subvalvular aortic stenosis and calculi stones in the bladder. All adult canines are found in the maximum height of the 66-71cm.