As an Indian breed the Mudhol Hound is especially known as Caravan Hound. It was utilized in the attempt of the hunting and guarding. The Mudhol Hound has the pendulous ears that hang downward close to the skull. It has long and narrow along with strong jaws with a scissors bite. This Indian breed of canine has the large and black nose which has also an abdomen that is tucked in. It has great physical speed and strength, which leads it to catch and kill the hare to blackbuck. If it is treated with kindness, then it would turn into a loyal obviously.

They are not friendly, almost of the time and they are always alert and do not like to touch them by strangers actually. It is so easy to grooming it, whether you can brush it twice or thrice in a week with a smooth brush. It has the great capability to bear the harsh Indian weather. The Mudhol Hound is nervous temperament inherently and they would hardly respond the harsh treatment. The adult Mudhol Hound weighing is 22-28 kg and the maximum height is 68-72 cm respectively.