The Miniature Pinscher is such a mini dog breed inheriting with a short-haired coat that originated in Germany. The ancestors of this breed of canine derived from the German Pinscher actually. The Miniature Pinscher is such an old breed dog which earliest existing record is found in the Historical artifacts & paintings. Almost of the Miniature Pinscher the most desirable height is 25-30cm of all males and females are in the height of 25-28cm approximately.

The various colors that are found in all Miniature Pinschers those are as black & tan, red, chocolate, etc. It has different temperaments such as playful, friendly, clever, and energetic and much more. The Miniature Pinschers have the maximum life span of 13 years. This breed of dog is naturally vigorous, well-groomed and alert. All males and females are found approximately from 4 to 5 kg.