The Irish Setter is a specific gun dog, which one originated in Ireland and it is known as a family dog too. It has dense fur coated along with the long hairs, which are hanging downward from ears, tail, and body. It seems like to be a sheep, which caters in the field for grazing the grass. Its entire coat seems in various colors such as silky, red/chest nut actually. The undercoat of such breed of dog is sufficient to save it from the coldest season extensively without any inconvenience.

The average height of Irish Setter is 24-28 inches. The body weight of such breed is 29-34 kg it weighs out by someone some ever. The maximum life expectancy of Irish Setter is 11-12 years comparatively. It has inherited an enthusiastic greeting categorized whenever a visitor would visit into their acquaintance guests home. It has the great instinct regarding on the socialization due to its having inherited spontaneous exhaust instinct with other pet animals. This breed has recognized universally as the hunting dog by the animal experts.

The reduced activity & training could lead it to be a more destructive motif in the entire home, and that is why it is so essential for train it appropriately with the assistance of a most competent dog trainer whose has the extensive knowledge upon all breeds of dogs and have the vast capacity in the attempt of the perfect training.