When the investigation on the resemblance of the breed of Indian Pariah Dogs origination, which primarily originated in India and known universally as the aboriginal landrace. This Indian breed of canine thought to be one of the oldest breeds of dog in the entire globe if it is compared with other breeds. The Pariah dog is available in all over India. It has the best categories regarding on temperaments such as an extremely alert & very social dog which one exhausted in all seasons which naturally changing spontaneously.

It has recognized as the watchdog and the extreme defensive comparatively to their families. Though they are highly intelligent along with easy trainable but most of the time they are not fit for it absolutely due to their getting bored with the same training frequently. They are required the minimal maintenance, and themselves are clean comparatively.

On the practical investigation of the Indian Pariah dog even by anyone who has ever seen roaming it here and there around the street seeking some edible items wherever it could find it does not matter to them actually. They have inherited with the long average life span of 15 years or more than that if it is taken good care of it.

The body weight of such breed, which weighs from 15-30 kg. It has a short coated, in various colors such as brown, white shed coated some ever, black, red, etc.