The Grey Hound is such a breed of dog, which one bred for the purpose of coursing game and racing in the earliest period by the human being. The Grey Hound has been noticed already regarding on its resurgence of popularity across the world. It had originated in the continent of Europe. The physical shape of this breed is entirely miracle to be seemed which belly stuck in having inherited with tall slender smooth coated along with legs. This European breed has the most essential characteristics such as swiftness and keen sight.

This breed has been keeping the resemblance with Italian Greyhound. It is known universally for its gentle and intelligent temperaments. Having formed miracle with most powerful & long legs, it has the great capability to run in the fastest category exceeding racing of 64 kilometers per hour.

In measuring out at the withers of this European breed which maximum height is 71-76 cm approximately. This is such a specific dog which inherits with the maximum body weight of 27-40 kg. It has inherited with the dolichocephalic type of skull. In the practical exploration by the animal expert, regarding its average life span of Grey Hounds, that had found from 9-11 years.