The Great Dane is known for its giant size as the tallest German breed of dog which one tamed as the domestic pet animal by almost of the homeowner due to its naturally calm temperament. In the term of Germanic language it is known as the Deutsche Dogge/German Mastiff. This giant breed of canine inherited with the potential physical shape & the strength along with the smoothly muscled body.

Having tamed as the best domestic pet in the attempt of the companionship for all homeowners whose have the most adoring feeling to touch it with the bare hands and to kiss or adore it which never prefers the clumsy atmosphere inheriting with the several characteristics such as moving with a long reach and the potential drive etc. This giant breed of dog is extensively spirited, courageous, never timid, and it is highly regarded as the friendly and dependable categorized to its master. The balanced combination of physical and mental both have brought to it as the majesty possessed which one never seen in any other breed of dog.

The Great Dane was utilized in the ancient period in the attempt of hunting boars/ bears until the huntsman kill it absolutely. Having measured from the paw to the shoulder, it has found 111.8 cm in height. The maximum weight of such breed of canine is found from 50 to 80 kg approximately. All Great Danes life span is 8-10 years respectively.