The Golden Retriever is primarily a large sized breed of dog, which was bred in the attempt of the gun dog to retrieve the waterfowl that was shot down by the game hunters in the earliest period in Scotland. They had named retriever due to their potential capability to retrieve the shot game without any damage. The Golden Retriever has the instinct love regarding on water, and that is why it is so easy to train it as the most obedience standards obviously.

This large breed has inherited with a long coated along with the dense inner coat which provides the adequate warmth to its entire body during the coldest season in Scotland. It has such a specific outer coat that repels water from their body spontaneously. Having formed with giant physical shape along with dense coated it required a little exercise on regular base. Due to the instinctual motif to roam, it is highly essential to fenced in during its taming in a home by homeowners obviously.

During the spontaneous changing of seasons by naturally, it shed copiously, and that is why it is highly essential to keep constant grooming of it. The Golden Retriever is such a breed of dog, which has gained its ultimate popularity; all throughout the world as the best retriever/disabled assistance dog or the best companion for the disabled persons in providing the several most essential services to them. They could be trained specifically to be hunting, a detecting, the search & rescue dog and it has proved as the best canine for such the crucial activities absolutely. Regarding on the conversational temperaments of Golden Retriever, the animal experts have noticed several most effective temperaments such as friendly, kindly and confident whatever it renders service to its master. Being a giant breed of canine, which inherited the weighty body and it had measured out practically by the animal experts or kennel clubs 24-35 kg approximately. The Golden Retriever inherits the maximum height of 51-61 cm. The average life span of such breed is 10-12 years considerably.