The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most popular dog breeds which originated in Germany such specific canine is the best for a faithful companion if it is considering with other breeds of canines. German shepherds are the medium large sized especially the males are 60-65cm height and females are specifically 55-60cm height. It has several temperaments such as intelligent, loyal, obedient, courageous, curious, watchful etc.

Its devotion and courage are incomparable with any other breed and this special canine is highly helpful in the attempt of the guide and assistance of working for handicapped, police, military responses of scenting out the secret ammunition or mines that installed underground by terrorist for the fatal explosive objectivity.

Size & Weight of male and female German dogs Colors Efforts Monthly caring expenditure
60-66cm height of all males along with 30-40 kilograms in weight Black, red, silver, grey, sable etc. Regular grooming, exercise and veterinary visit 3000-6000 rupees
55-60cm height of all females along with the weight of 22-32 kilograms