The French Bulldog is also known as the small breed of dog having inherited with the surname of Frenchie. It was descended from the ancestors of the bulldog that had been imported from England to France. This breed got in the forth category among the most popular dogs that had been registered already by the reputed kennel clubs. This breed of dog is known as the best companion dog it requires the little exercise or regular short walk in the early morning or at afternoon. It covered with a single short coat to the entire body. The French canine hardly barked to point out the attention to its owners what it needs actually.

On the basis of the practical survey, it has found that the maximum life span of such dog is 8-14 years approximately. The maximum height up to its shoulder has found after the exact measurement by the animal expert that is 11 inches to 1 foot respectively. The average weight of such breed of canine is 16 to 28 pounds.