The Wire Fox Terrier is such a breed of canine which includes in the terrier family and even keeping a resemblance to the Smooth Fox Terrier obviously. The Wire Fox Terrier had descended from extinct rough coated black and tan working terrier of Durham, Wales, and Derbyshire. It originated in England, and it has the strong hunting instinct, which should have to abide a little bit of keen attention by the owner, when someone insists to tame it as their dearest pet. It has inherited with the thick and long haired which could be clipped on the monthly basis which keeps the coat soft and curly.

It was bred in England by the fox hunter in the attempt of the chase and to flush out the fox that lives in a burrow by tempting it with the docked tail into their burrows and then pulled out them to the outside with the tactical maneuvering with the assistance of Fox Terriers. At present, they are recognized universally as the show dogs along with the family companions obviously. It suffers from several health issues such as deafness, cataracts, hip dysplasia, legg-perthes disease, etc. The average life span of such a specific breed of canine is 13-14 years along with having the height of 33-41 cm. The weight of the body of all Fox terriers is found in 6-9 kg. The temperaments have been noticed that inherited with this popular breed those are as keen, friendly, alert and quick.