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Best food for my Rottweiler Puppy? Compare only Royal Canin vs. Drools

Royal Canin Rottweiler Junior is a premium quality food that you can serve to your pup. The Food is rich in necessary nutrients and strengthens the immune system and helps promote glossy coat and soft skin. You can add boiled chicken / boiled egg whites with the food and give…

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Which are the best food to feed for a German Spitz ?

A good quality puppy chow that has no corn, wheat, or soy to begin with. These are cheap fillers that really do not contribute to your puppy's health. The better quality puppy kibbles appear to be more expensive at first, but you actually save money because you feed less food…

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Can I travel with my dog in train in India ?

Yes , you can travel with your pet but their are some terms and conditions they can be taken in luggage compartment or you can book a compartment paying some charges.

Owners should make their own arrangements for water and food for the dog during the…

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How To Make My Dog Bark?

In order for your dog to learn to speak, they have to learn to be quiet, which is a remarkably useful trick on its own (especially for dog owners with barker breeds, such as terriers.) Choose a command such as “quiet” or “hush” and use that word consistently. Let’s use…

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