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Best Dog food in India, any suggestion?

All dogs need supplement according to their need so you also can give home made food and there are many brands available in market ,Drools, Pedigree, Royal canin,and in this their are different foods for pets dry food , snacks, so you can order or buy as per your pets…

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Can my dog feed Sugar cane?

You can give sugarcane to dogs

Of course sugar isn't good for dogs, but I figure it's a good way to let him chew and get some sweet out of it. I didn't peel off the hard outer shell of the sugar cane. Everything is intact.…

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Suggests a apartment friendly dog breed for first time dog owner.

I can think of breeds that match your specifications.

Pomeranian :Small, friendly noted for its docility, vivacity and alertness..

Lhasa Apso :Again small with keen sense of hearing and intelligence , can be easily trained.

Labrador ?Intelligent , obedient and above…

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How To Make My Dog Bark?

In order for your dog to learn to speak, they have to learn to be quiet, which is a remarkably useful trick on its own (especially for dog owners with barker breeds, such as terriers.) Choose a command such as “quiet” or “hush” and use that word consistently. Let’s use…

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