The Dogo Argentino could have found hardly markings or spots on its entire body, and it is the Argentine breed found in large size with whitish color coated, if some ever anyone has noticed it. It has inherited with strong muscular physical shape along with very short coated. Having formed with the strong muscular body, it was primarily utilized for the purpose of the big game hunting including wild boars. It has several instincts such as hunting, loyal companion, steadfast bravery & spontaneous willing to protect its master or human being.

After the fully convinced in measuring out at the withers, it has found the maximum height of 24-27 inches respectively. The maximum mass of the entire matured body of this specific breed is 40-45 kilograms. In describing the entire physical shape, the animal experts have distinguished as the broad head along with slightly domed skull comparatively what they had found in the practical investigation. The rump is set low and tapers to a specific point. This large breed of canine had originated in Argentina.