Dog Names  

Dog Names Start with Letter B

Are you going to be a pet parent that has brought just now to your family or at residence? Alike the human being the pet animals also required the most attractive nomination and what to call them whenever it survives with your dearest family members.

Almost of the pet lovers has ever noticed in discussing regarding on their new baby what has brought just now as their family member and having the best companionship with it almost of the time.

During the nomination of your furry loved one everyone gets puzzle what to call it, and we have suggested you to call your new furry baby through a fabulous and most attractive name that have mentioned on our portals in detail just choose out the excellent and most appropriate among them. Your searching for dog name would end through our mentioned pet nomination list at following lines.

Dog Name Name of meaning Origin Gender
Backstere Baker English Male
Baecere Baker Anglo-Saxon Female
Baen Fair skinned Scottish Male
Baerhloew Ruler or lives on the bare hill English Female
Bagdemagus Father of Meleagant Arthurian Legend Male
Baigh From the upper part Scottish Female
Bailey Steward or public official: man in charge. French Male
BaIloch From the pasture Scottish Female
Bainbridge Lives near the bridge over the white water English Male
Baird Minstrel: a singer-poet. English Female
Bairrfhionn Marksman Celtic Male
Baker Baker English Female
Baldemar Princely German Male
Balder Bold army English Female
Baldrik Bold German Male
Balduin Bold friend German Female
Baldulf A knight Arthurian Legend Male
Baldwin Bold friend German Female
Baldwyn Bold friend German Male
Balen Brother of Balaan Arthurian Legend Female
Balfour From the pastureland Scottish Male
Balgair Fox Scottish Female
Balin Brother of Balaan Arthurian Legend Male
Balmoral From the majestic village Scottish Female
Bamard Brave as a bear German Male