Having classified the canines into several breeds on the basis of their specific physical shape & size along with other temperaments, the Doberman Pinscher is a medium large breed. It has regarded as the best domestic dog, due to its easiest way to train up and it has the capacity to learn quickly what training lesson is given to it by the best dog trainer. It has leverage for the extreme energetic bite to others.

This specific breed of canine has several temperaments or characteristics such as intelligent, tenacious and alert what is approaching to it and it gives the loyal companion to its master what they deserve actually. Having inherited with several more essential characteristics, it has got popularity as the best domestic dog for all homeowners. After trained it appropriately by the proficient trainer it would turn into a devoted and loving companionship to its owner obviously. It is highly suited for the police & military explosive detection deeds along with the canine sports. The entire physical weight of such breed of dog is 32-45kg approximately. It has several colors of fur that coated with black, fawn, blue, red, etc.