The Dachshund is one type of hound breed of dog that was originated in Germany. This breed is in standard size and also abnormal miniature canine that inherited with the short-legged & long body, specially utilized to hunt the badgers and burrow dwelling animals. Almost of these breeds was bred by the homeowner to chase, scent and flush out the small prey and Prairie dogs.

It has several nick names those are Weenie Dog, Hotdog, Sosis, Perro salchicha and many other. This specific breed of dog participates in several conformation shows, field trails and many other events that are held by pure dog bred organizations. It is considered to be one of the best dogs in the top 10 in the USA. The Dachshund has inherited with the several temperaments such as Stubborn, Lively, Courageous, Clever, etc. It is found in several colors such as Black, Cream, Red and Chocolate, etc. Its maximum life span is 14-17years. Having found this specific breed of dog in standard size its bodys mass is 7.3-15kg.