The American Cocker Spaniel is one type of specific breeds of sporting dog which had won several best dog shows that were held in America in the earliest era. This breed of canine has recognized as the smallest sporting dog by the AKC. It is extensively related with spaniel/English cocker spaniel. The spaniel term had derived from the Spain and the Cocker Spaniel (American) utilized to hunt the woodcock actually. Its native land /origination is in the USA.

This American breed of canine inherited with the rounded dome skull along with long, dense furs that are hanging downward to the legs and belly. Its head something different due to upturned nose and the eras are hanging downward obviously whenever someone will notice it closely. It has squared shape lips. It has shaped with shorter muzzle face along with rounded eyes in comparing with English Cocker Spaniel. The average height of this American breed is 37-39 cm comparatively. The body is weighing nearly 11 to 14 kg. Having inherited with the several more specific temperaments such as trainability, obedience, intelligence, etc. It has inherited with having no significance of timidity.