Almost of the people strongly believed that the breed of Chow Chow had originated in China, although the origination still has not been cleared due to the disputes having remained in several historians. It is referred to as Songshi Quan which means puffy lion dog due to inheriting the mane to the entire neck area of it. In the earliest period, this breed was utilized to guard the Buddhist temples & palaces absolutely. The Chow Chows are regarded as the working dogs in the attempt of the several most essential activities such as hunting, pulling, herding and guarding etc.

It is the Chinese breed which has a sturdy built physical shape, broad skull & small, erect ears, and having inherited with a dense double coat which either smooth or rough in seeming. It has blue-black or purple tongue and it is the only breed which has been inheriting with bluish lips. It has a curly tail on its back fulfill with curled thick hair. The Chow Chow tends to show the discernment to all strangers and it could be extensive protective motif anyhow to its owners and belongings. This breed strongly abides the royal companionship to its acquainted family or masters. The average weight of such breed of canine is 20-32 kg considerable as it had distinguished by the animal experts earlier. In measuring out the maximum height of this type of Chinese breed the animal experts have found it 17-20 inches tall.