As the sighthound, the Chippiparai is the hunting breed of canine which had originated in India primarily in the South zone. It is believed universally that this breed has descended from the ancestors of Saluki. It was primarily bred by the royal families that were lived in Chippiparai in Virudhunagar in Tamilnadu wherein it had originated exactly. It was tamed as the symbol of royalty and dignity by the ancestors of Tirunelveli and Madurai rulers.

Having included in the sighthound category this breed utilized in the attempt of hunting the deer, hare and wild boars obviously in the earliest period by the Indians. Having inherited with a long curved rump, the Chippiparai found in various colors coated such as reddish brown, fawn, slight black tinged coat, etc. In the recent investigation of this breed which has the maximum height that is 56-63 cm approximate what the animal experts has distinguished exactly. This Indian sighthound breed has inherited with healthy physical shape considerably, but they are actually coped with the minimal harsh weather conditions due to its short coat and severely suffered from the cold weather obviously. It has some common health issues such as anesthesia and food allergy. It requires a little veterinary care, and it is easy groomed categorized. The Chippiparai has several well temperaments that are very popular all throughout the globe, and those are as the minimal feeding requirements, polite temperament, very fast speed, very attentive hunting instinct, great hardiness, etc.