The Cane Corso is such a breed and this term has derived from Italian cane, which means dog and the corso derived from the Latin word of "cohors" which means a domestic animal actually. It is known as Italian Mastiff which one a part of the large Italian breed of dogs. It had bred as the hunter dog, companion/guard dog in Italy by its masters. The Cane Corso is a large breed of canine which has the close relation with the Molosser. It has solidly built muscled and physically so strong comparatively.

It has several surnames; those are as Italian Mastiff, Italian Corso dog, etc. It has the great tendency to have the complete socialization as soon as possible if it is trained up consistently by the proficient trainer. The Cane Corso reacts with protective manner when a threat is present and this quality is highly effective to keep its master from out of threat due to the presence of any stranger. This breed is bred to hunt wild boar and to herd cattle & swine or bear fighting in the rural activities when it was required for its master it did excellent service. The Cane Corso has the average life span of 10-12 years. It has various colors furs such as fawn, black, grey, brindle, etc. This Italian breed of canine has the maximum body weight of 40-50 kg and their maximum height is 58-70 cm.