The Bull Terrier is such a breed which has included in the terrier family. It has a strong face seems to be oval size from the exact front zone if some ever anyone has noticed it distinctly. Its top skull is almost flat to be viewed, and it curves downward from the top of the skull to the tip of the nose. The Bull Terrier has the triangular eyes that are small, dark along with deep-set. Having inherited with the well developed nostrils, the Bull Terrier has the strong and a deep jaw, which could be regard as the stronger bite.

It is the combination of the several colors such as white, red, fawn, black, brindle, etc. Due to the typical temperaments such as independent and stubborn categorized it has never considered to be tame easily by the inexperienced pet owners wherein has the maximum contingency of the danger to harm anyone by huge biting. Although the experienced owner can tame it so effectively without any harmful effects to the entire external atmosphere and it has the temperament to be abide the discipline what is taught to it by its master. It should detect distinctly wherein has the maximum chance to suffer from the skin allergy, deafness, which are the common health issue of such breed of dog. All Bull Terriers have the maximum life span of 11-14 years. The height of the physical shape of such breed is 45-55 cm. The mass of their body is 22-38 kg.