The Bullmastiff has included in the large sized breed of canine obviously which has been elaborated by the animal expert after having seen its physical shape & size. It has a solid body along with a short muzzle which one very rarely barked. Having the quiet temperament almost of the homeowners in England utilized it to guard their estates. It had descended from the earliest ancestors of the English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog.

The Bullmastiffs were originating in Britain and it had utilized as the working dog due to its potential physical strength and size. These were bred by the gamekeepers for its strength, size to guard their estates actually. This English breed has inherited with the short coat with the strong muscle and the coat is found in various colors such as brindle, fawn, red, etc. The whole lifespan of all Bullmastiffs is 8-10 years which has investigated practically by the animal experts. Inheriting with several specific temperaments, the Bullmastiff has the docile, loyal, devoted, courageous characteristics obviously. The maximum height of all Bullmastiffs is 61-68 cm approximately. The body weight is 45-59 kg of all such breed of dogs.