The Borzoi is a Russian breed of canine or Russian wolfhound which one regarded as one of the best domestic dogs. Its scientific name is known as Canis lupus familiaris and this had descended from the dogs that had brought to Russia from central Asian nations. It has a similarity to the greyhound or it is the member of the sighthound family, which bred to hunt independently by human beings. The Borzoi is the masculine singular form in the sense of the Russian language this term refers to "fast" actually.

The Borzois are the giant Russian sighthound that keeps the resemblance with the central Asian breeds such as Saluki, Afghan hound, Kyrgyz Taigan, etc. This specific large breed has inherited with silky & flat coat that is often seem to be slightly curled. The soft undercoat is thickened during the winter season. During the hot season it sheds to prevent the hot penetrating to the inner body. In the earliest period in Russia the Borzoi utilized to hunt wolves and it has inheriting with the long narrow face. The maximum weight of all Borzois is 45 kg and the maximum height is 26-30 inches.