Why do Dogs hate Bathing

Why do Dogs hate Bathing


There are many reasons why your dog may hate getting a bath. Getting to the root of the problem may make it easier for you to ease his misgivings about bath time. Don't give up -- work with your dog regularly to make the bathing process less stressful for both of you.Stay patient and make sure he has good experiences while being bathed.Even the most water-loving dog will likely be a little taken back the first few times he has a bath.They probably fear that they might get sucked up and feel a sense of discomfort. While you might find many videos of dogs swimming and surfing along with their owners, taking bath is something these lovable canines detest. One of the reasons could probably be that they might not be able to balance their bodies while taking a bath, so they end up avoiding it like a plague Being sprayed with water, lifted in and out of the tub, having his body maneuvered so you can get him washed and rinsed are all foreign concepts How do you handle your dog when you are bathing him? Do you lift him up on his back legs so you can rinse his belly, or force him to lay down so you can get him wet? If the bathing process is uncomfortable, you shouldn't be surprised that your dog dislikes baths. Having the right equipment can make the process much more comfortable for you both. A hand-held shower attachment is inexpensive and connects easily to most existing showers. The attachment makes it easy to wet your dog from any angle while he stands comfortably on four feet.

Don’t create a lot of foam in the bath tub. It is good to avoid bath tub as much as possible. Using a harness and helping them calm down with their favorite toy might just help. You could probably also turn on their favorite music with some treats to calm their nerves. Try and make the floor less slippery when giving dog a bath. They might not like their entire coat being brushed with soap, so you have to ensure they are feeling comfortable by giving them treats while brushing them.

iF  you have a garden or an outdoor area, this works best to get your dog to take a bath. They might be more comfortable taking bath in an open space instead of an enclosed area. They love and enjoy sunlight. After taking their bath, they might also have ample space to run around.

It is challenging to get your dog's face clean and rinsed, but don't make the mistake of pouring water over his head. While you may think getting it over with quickly will make it better for your dog, he will find it frightening.

Clean their face by spraying water on that area instead of pouring water directly on their head. They might not like it at all. Spraying water can make them feel easy and keep the towel ready to immediately pat dry.


Like us, dogs too might enjoy a soak in lukewarm water after sweating it out exercising. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from resisting taking a bath is to take them on a walk, playing with them or making them exercise till they feel worn out. They might appreciate your efforts to help them relax with a spa like experience for your dog. It might work for dogs of all breeds and pups.


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