Train your Dog for a Competition

Train your Dog for a Competition


When you have a dog you also need to train him in all ways. When he or she is a pup you want to give him the best , food toys you want your pet to be best so you also want him to be strong and healthy.You might have seen it on TV or even in person: People competing alongside their dogs in any number of super fun sports. You can tell by watching competition dogs that they have special training to do what they do. Whether it’s racing through an agility course or pressing the level on a fly ball machine, these dogs had to learn how to compete.This is something he can learn at any obedience class, whether it’s held at your local pet supply store or a commercial dog training facility. Once your dog has these fundamentals down, both of you can move on to learning about your sport of choice ..

There are many games you can train your pet While the idea of training your dog to perform in one of these sports might seem daunting, it’s easier than you think. The most important part is teaching your dog the basics of obedience. If your dog loves to catch Frisbees, disc dog competitions might just be the ticket   Is your dog crazy about chasing balls? Does he like to climb up on things? Is he a water lover? Think about what your dog likes to do and focus on that sport.If your dog is an American Kennel Club (AKC) registered purebred, he is eligible to participate in AKC-sanctioned events, such as agility, rally, herding, coursing and obedience, to name just a few. Certain sports like agility, rally, obedience and coursing ability are open to all AKC breeds, while other activities are only for certain breeds After figuring out which competitions are best suited to you and your dog, your next step is training specifically for that event

If you want to do well in competition, you’ll need to practice nearly every day, in addition to attending training classes. The beginner division for many sports is relatively easy to conquer for most dogs and owners if they work hard. Success at the higher divisions requires even more training and practice.

Whether you want to become a serious competitor or just have a little fun, participating in canine sports will deepen the bond between you and your dog. It will also give you a new way of seeing your canine companion—as a competitive athlete.Whichever sport you and your dog do, you’ll need train and practice regularly if you want to excel at it

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