Stop Cruelty on Animals help them

Stop Cruelty on Animals help them


One day I was walking past the metro station and I saw a dog injured and bleeding.' been there? Many of us have. And it's rather upsetting to see our loved animals in pain, but knowing how to handle the situation properly can save a life and prevent the abuser from harming other victims

An abused animal may need immediately veterinary care, without which, he or she may suffer for a long time or die from his or her injuries. If you must leave the animal momentarily, ask someone you trust to stay with him or her while you’re gone and return as soon as possible with help.

veterinarians can be found by using the search engine at Justdial.com, and government-employed veterinarians can be found by contacting your state’s animal husbandry department.If you see a chained dog, befriend his or her guardians and help them make positive changes to care for their animal companion and to allow him or her to live indoors. Being stuck outdoors on a chain is like being a prisoner, except that dogs have committed no crimes and probably will never be set free – that is, unless we do something about it.f children are throwing stones at birds, don’t hesitate to tell them to stop and explain why it’s wrong to hurt animals. The second you see that something is wrong, take a photo or video with your cell phone to document the details if you can Don’t let criminals get away with abusing animals. Follow up with local authorities about your case, meet with officials and consider contacting the media to generate coverage and momentum. You can even seek legal counsel if necessary and take your case to court. Many lawyers are willing to help animals for free – you just need to ask.    

Share victories with others, and acknowledge the people who helped you obtain justice for animals so that they will be motivated and inspired to help more animals in the future…….

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