Some Memorable Moments with Pets

Some Memorable Moments with Pets


Close your eyes. Think back to that day when you got your first pet dog. It may have been your tenth birthday, when your dad thought it would be a great idea for you to just have a companion to play with. Or perhaps, you moved to a different city, started building a life for yourself from scratch, and it was just too lonesome returning home to an empty house. One of the greatest moments of our lives is when we decide to accept someone else as part of our lives, be they human or friendly, furry little creatures.Picture yourself walking along a natural trail through the woods, tracing the curves of a river or rivulet, finding the perfect site for your camp. Or picture a verdant green meadow, full of flowers and fresh air for your refreshment, and squirrels for your dog to chase or holes to explore. Maybe you can even find yourself a lake to swim in, or catch fish in if you feel the inclination. Dogs love being outdoors, swimming, running and just being free to explore.


So long as the nearest public park or beach allows people to bring their dogs and a picnic hamper along, make plans for a day trip with your pet. You could even invite a couple of your friends who own dogs, so that the dogs can socialize while you do as well. You could make plans to go swimming, play games of fetch, even arrange for professional picnic spots that offer buffets, baseball games especially for dogs, and so much more! Take a camera along for all the picture-perfect moments.Just as there are all kinds of people in this universe, there are all kinds of dogs as well. Some just like being pampered and put on a pedestal, while others are okay with sitting on the couch with you and watching Telly. Some dogs are bred to be race dogs, and as such they love doing that. ….


Roll down that window, feel the breeze on your cool forehead, and let the road take you where it will. As your companion on this long journey, you may need to potty train your dog in advance so that they can go at a cue-word. You may also need to check in advance with the hotels on the route you’re driving, to check their pet policies.In the life of a pet owner, there are times when you feel like a proud Momma/Dad, as you stand over your prodigal child and see their fabulous tricks. Tricks that you taught them, tricks that they could not perform even a couple of days ago, tricks that would be the equivalent of a human child learning their first word or learning to walk…..


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