Some Animals Facts

Some Animals Facts


We all are Human beings on this earth , and in same animals also have their own style of living ,eating, and they also have their own world with some animals facts.As we can say animals also share loots of things,which we dont know .Their are facts which will surprise you , make you laugh etc. So take a look for some animals facts…….

Why you itch when a mosquito bites when a female mosquitoes poke  their proboscis through your skin to suck blood they inject you with their saliva . so when doing so if it  is disturbed it flies away leaving some saliva behind which irritates you and this causes pink hump where it poked u …

 Octopus has three hearts… 

Reindeer eyes turn blue in winter to help them to see at lower light levels. 

Horses use facial expression to communicate to each other. 

Unlike humans , sheep's have four stomachs , which helps them to digest their food they eat. 

Ostriches can run faster than horses and male Ostriches can roar like lions . 

Kangaroos use their tails when they hop for balance , so if you lift a kangaroo's tail off  the ground they can not hop. 

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear , it is eavesdrop for your conversation .

Elephants can smell water ,they are also one of the mammals  that undergo menopause . 

The female lion does 90% of hunting then male lions do . 

Almost half of pigs in the world  are kept with farmers in china . 

Ants never sleep and they don't have lungs…. 

So their are many more facts about animals you never know but must…..


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