Parrot is a Lovely Bird to tame as a Domestic Pet

Parrot is a Lovely Bird to tame as a Domestic Pet


Some people think of parrots as low-maintenance pets, a step up from fish and hamsters, but much less trouble than a dog or cat. Anyone who gets a pet bird under that assumption is in for a rude surprise The truth of the matter is that parrots have a lot of needs encompassing everything from attention to diet. Parrots are not merely decoration that can be content sitting in a cage. If you do your research and know what you’re getting into, bringing a parrot into your home could be the most rewarding decision you could make.

A biting bird is not a defective bird, but simply one that would benefit from the right kind of training.Even tame birds can bite. Unlike dogs and cats, parrots are prey animals, which means they are hardwired to be suspicious of many things us humans take for granted. Parrots will bite if they are scared or threatened Sure, parrots don’t need to be taken for walks in the rain, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean up after their poop. Besides bird droppings, parrot owners also have to contend with food all over their floors and walls. Rarely does a cage or play stand contain the mess of seeds and other food that gets dropped and flung during meal time. while larger parrots can have the lifespan of a human.People who are new to parrot keeping will agree on one thing: having a bird in the house is a challenge. There is a lot of reading you should do to understand a bird’s needs and wants, and how to keep them safe in the human environment. This is all vital information.

Here, though, are some tips that I have stumbled across during my own journey with my birds that you won’t find in the parrot care books. I …


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