Nourish your Labrador puppy with the best food for its ideal health

Nourish your Labrador puppy with the best food for its ideal health


When someone wants to keep a Labrador pup as a pet, they must consider the little canine as their own child. Puppies are more delicate than larger dogs. Therefore, a pup owner bears a bulkier responsibility; because, they need more attention and care than a larger one. If you don’t have time for this, then either hire someone for that or drop your plan. What, when and how much to feed them must be according to their nutritional needs.

A large number of people often get confused in choosing what to feed their Labrador pup. There are also many brands like royal canin, fidele and pedigree for Labrador puppy food; which is designed according to the breed, age, size and weight of the pooch. 

Kibble or raw food often regarded as the best dog food for Labrador puppies. But, each one of them has some pros and cons. A large number of people prefer kibble to raw. It is made by well-trusted manufacturers and provides the essential nutrition to our pup in a balanced way. Someone feeding with this doesn’t need to think of feeding anything else. It, mostly, contains all the nourishing elements that help our pup in staying active and healthy.

As far as raw food is concerned, it must contain all the useful nutrients for growth of our dog. If it doesn’t, then our little pooch will be deprived of some required nutriments. A consultation with a dog’s vet is important in making our choice. Not every food to be taken as the best Labrador puppy food.

It must be kept in mind, that small puppies need 30% protein in their diet for their growth and the development of the muscle mass. The rest of it should be of carbohydrates and fats. It is strictly advised to give them in the limited and appropriate portion. Feeding them too much will result in their earlier growth that can bring about joint and bone abnormalities.

If pooches seem lethargic or tired, then it’s hard to prepare them for exercise. So, it’s prudent to pick some best energy food for dogs when having such issues. Some of them are rice, raw meat and some dog biscuits and cookies, which give them a large amount of energy; we must include them in their diet to energize our pooch.

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