How to care your Birds

How to care your Birds


There are lots of different types of birds, and all sorts can make wonderful pets. Many birds enjoy close contact, which makes many of them nice, social and sometimes cuddly friends. Some just love to talk or sing to you, giving you friendship and relaxation. A lot of parrots will enjoy sharing meals with you, napping with you, and even showering with you. Pet birds love to interact with their human companions.Bird care starts with housing for your bird. Birds need a good environment that provides a

place to rest as well as places to play and exercise. Primary bird houses can be bird cages or an aviary.There are several options when thinking about the types of bird houses for your pet. You can provide a very large bird cage or a smaller cage along with a play area outside of the cage, often utilizing a playpen. You can also provide a flight cage for regular exercise or have an aviary. Aviaries can be either an outside aviary or and indoor aviary. Indoor aviaries can even be a 'bird room' type. All birds should be housed in a cage that is as roomy as possible, this is especially important for birds that will spend most or all of their time in the cageBirds need to be able to stretch their wings and flap them without hitting anything. They should also be able to make short flights, hop around and play with bird toys.Birds that live exclusively in a cage will need a space of three times their wing span as an absolute minimum, with more space being better.It is really nice if the cage is easy to clean. Many bird cages have a slide out tray and an easily removable grate  . Outside the cage you can provide a playpen along with safe bird toys. Bird cages should be placed in a draft free area that is well lit, but not in direct sunlight


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