Comparative Information of American Bulldog and Pitbull Terrier

Comparative Information of American Bulldog and Pitbull Terrier


The Pitbull dog especially originated in Britain, Ireland and United states and this specific canine includes in the Maxi breed that weighed up to 26-39kg approximately. The American Pitbull terrier belongs to the terrier group that was bred in the attempt of the hunting and guarding the premises of pet parents. For having the exact determination of the American bulldog and Pitbull have inevitably something different even though both are seeming as same.

The distinctions could determine out by having described the temperament, behavior, characteristic, body shape and weight of both specific breeds of canines.

The origination of American bulldog vs Pitbull Terrier:

  • American Bulldog emerged from the English bulldogs comparatively, and their ancestors were bred in the attempt of bull baiting, and guarding the premises and this specific breed includes in the mastiff group. On the other hand, American Pit bull terrier had emerged from the cross breeds of Old English Bulldogs & Old English Terrier which were come from Ireland and England.

Temperaments of both dogs:

  • One similarity seems in both dogs in the same resemblance of Maxi breed, and their temperaments are having described in different categories in the comparison of their internal spontaneous instincts. The American Bulldog has inherited several most crucial temperaments such as confident, courageous, socially active, hunting instinct and on the other hands the pet bull terrier has inherited several temperaments those are as emotional, intelligent, calm, and fond of human companionship.

Physical appearance and shape:

  • Both breeds have specific physical shape, having with strong jaws, sturdy body, weighed up to 25-40kg approximately. They have a short haired coat and soft skin. These dogs are found in various colors those as being patches on their body and that is seemingly hypnotized respectively.

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