Can you keep Tortoise  as Pets.

Can you keep Tortoise as Pets.


Some people love to keep fishes and same way some like to keep turtle or tortoise in and as domestic pet children also likes to keep these turtles and in same way you need to take care of them too , As tortoises are only awake and feeding for half of the year, it’s important to make sure they get plenty of food during the hot summer months, so you can’t just rely on them eating garden plants and weeds.  However, since they've been around a long time, they've had plenty of time to pick up a few preferences and to develop a thorough list of personal care needs. This means that caring for a tortoise is a bigger commitment than you may think and that it takes time and dedication to make sure that your tortoise stays healthy and strong . Some of the more common species of tortoises include the Sulcata, Leopard, Redfoot, Yellowfoot, these are some turtles It's important to purchase your tortoise from a seller that you respect, who has a history of making a successful sale and who can promise that you have been given the tortoise under healthy conditions. You should know how to care about them and about food what to feed them .  Tortoises can eat most vegetables, such as broccoli, green beans, or kale, especially if you mix them in with the mixed greens, but it's important to know what your type of tortoise needs.

Some tortoise eat dandelion leaves , celery, and some like  fruits.

Beside this they also need water to stay healthy and fresh , You can just pour some water in a shallow tray or saucer and sink it into the floor of the enclosure so that your tortoise can't flip it over. It should be shallow enough so that your tortoise can easily stand in it and can place its head in the water without being completely submerged. And replace the water daily. As it is must for tortoise to stay in fresh water. So when you are holding them you must handle them carefulNever drop a tortoise; if their shell breaks, they might die from an infection. Though you may be dying to hold your pet tortoise, you should try to take it easy on holding it, or letting others hold it. This can be stressful for your favorite creature. You can also provide a small house for your tortoise indoor and outdoor bothy you can also mix and match, keeping your tortoise indoors for the colder months and letting it roam outdoors during the warmer months. You should be prepared for both types of housing to keep it healthy and happy. So keeping all things in mind of caring for tortoise . ..keep them safe and healthy.


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