Animals that teach us or we can learn important lesson……

Animals that teach us or we can learn important lesson……



God created Animals...It’s hard to imagine a world without animals,and i believe that  one of the reasons God put animals on this earth is to teach us certain things . Yes very true and hard to believe animals that teach us important spiritual or life lessons ,


I have an irrational fear of spiders falling  on me when I sleep.Creepy or not, we can learn a few things from spiders.  They work diligently at building their web, they don’t give up, even when we destroy all of their work.Even though they are hated and unwelcome, that doesn’t stop them, they continue on toward their goal, which is something we can learn from.  Like the spider, we are earthly creatures that don’t deserve to be in the King’s Palace.




Elephants are only mentioned indirectly in the bible, but I wanted to include them in this list, because I adore elephants and I think we can learn a lot from them.Elephants are relational and family-oriented, and that is the way we were designed to be. Elephants are also cooperative, they respect their elders, and are said to even mourn their dead.


Donkeys don’t have the best reputation, they are thought of as stubborn, loud and not very smart.  I did some reading on donkeys, and surprisingly, they are said to be very intelligent, with an incredible memory and generally a calmer demeanor than horses.Donkeys are also very hardy and sturdy, they endure much, as they have been used as working animals for thousands of years.   We too need to be able to endure hardship, and continue to faithfully serve others.any people would ask, why a donkey? I think there are a few reasons.  It was a clear fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy:The donkey was also known as an animal of peace, whereas horses were associated with war at that time.  Although even prestigious people used donkeys as transportation, I think it’s clear that a donkey is a simple, humble creature.    So it’s no accident that Jesus chose the donkey .


The cat is another animal that is not mentioned in the bible, at least not the house-cat variety. Big cats, like leopards and lions are mentioned.The cat has always been my favorite animal. I love all animals, but there’s something about cats that melts my heart.   I think we can learn many things from cats.   They are funny (proof that God has a sense of humor). They are intuitive. They are super affectionate.  And they enjoy life.



I almost didn’t include the dog, because this post is written from a biblical perspective, and let’s be real here – there are many references to dogs in the bible, and almost all of them are very negative.Modern day dogs, trained and domesticated are arguably the most popular of all animals (at least in the western world.) So it would be weird to not talk about them and the qualities we can learn from them One of the things I love most about dogs is how excited and happy they are to see you, when you walk in the door.   Their enthusiasm  – especially younger dogs – is over the top.   They zealously love their owners so much, they just can’t contain themselves.Dogs are also very forgiving.  More forgiving than many people.   Another lesson for us.Lastly, dogs love unconditionally.   They love us, faults and all.  Even when we get mad at them, or accidentally step on their foot or something, they don’t stop loving us. They remain our faithful friend.


It really is amazing how animals have emotions, and such a capacity to love.

Let’s learn from their good qualities and thank God for them!

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