Animals also need shelters

Animals also need shelters


Just as we need shelters and homes to stay animals also need shelters. Wild animals stay in forests, animals of good breeds are sold to people. But, what about stray animals? they also need shelters to stay in but, there are many people who don’t like to bring stray animals at their homes so, what can we do for them? The answer is animal shelter for dogs and cats.

Now, what is a animal shelter for dogs and cats ? A animal shelter for dogs and cats is a place where stray dogs and cats are kept for their goodness and goodwill. It is a place where dogs and cats are given proper care and injured dogs and cats are given proper medical care and facility. In a animal shelter there should be good managment, children should be incorporated in the management, time to time vaccination must be done. There should be options for adoption of stray animals also in the shelters. By this way we can take care of stray animals.

‘’so don’t wait get started and make a shelter for the homeless and helpless stray animals……….."

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