A Stray Dogs love

A Stray Dogs love


Humans have feelings. Similarly animals also have feelings they also care for us so; during last winter holidays i went to dehradun to my friends house for stay. One evening he told me about the heart melting story of his pet loving father’s pet dog tommy. tommy who was a stray dog he used to sit near his father’s house who was a army man and his father always used to give him things to eat. Slowly he became his father’s pet. One evening there was raining heavily outside and the dog was shivering and uncle was standing at the window and was seeing him he was thinking to bring him inside but couldn’t because of his wife as she hated dogs. Suddenly uncle couldn’t controlled his feelings and brought him inside his house. He made a small shelter for him and decided to keep him with himself for life time but aunty didn’t agreed with his decision this decision made her very angry. But my friends pet loving father sticked to his decision and named him tommy. Days passed away he used to take care of him, play with him. Slowly he became like a friend to tommy but his wife didn’t took care of tommy. Until tommy saved her life. It happened so when once aunty was alone at home and uncle was out for some army work, Aunty was making tea for her herself as she started the gas stove and kept the utensil on stove. Suddenly someone knocked the door and aunty left the stove open and went to open the door and got busy talking to her friend. Tommy who was inside the house sensed the smell of the gas and took aunty into the kitchen by barking at her thus, she remembered that she had left the gas on and by no time she offed the stove.This gesture of tommy impressed her and gave a big hug to tommy as she knew that he had saved her life. By evening uncle came back and listened to the whole incident and was extremely happy by the fact that his wife had started caring for tommy. But suddenly gave a shocking news that he was posted to another state and for that he had to go alone this made his wife sad including tommy and for 2-3 day after he left tommy didn’t ate anything. It looked like he was very depressed the duration while uncle’s posting aunty used to take care of him. And when uncle used to come home tommy used to sense his vibes far away from one kilometer  he used to run and bring his belongings to home with him.

‘This tells that animals also have emotions and a good sensibility so it’s good to have a animal at home……. give them love and take love’

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